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Printer Defaults Changing

A message from the wonderful Dave–

There’s been a recent change to the default printer settings for the law school printers.  These printers now print double-sided (duplex) print jobs unless the user specifically requests for the job to be single-sided.  This is similar to the way the university printers handle double-sided printing; all jobs are automatically double-sided unless you specifically turn off double-sided printing.

If you need for a job to be single-sided (because your assignment requires a single-sided printout, for instance) this is still possible if you remember to check the printer properties.  After clicking File and Print, click the Properties button for the Printer and change the options under ‘Print on Both Sides’.  Flipping on the long edge gives normal double-sided printing, flipping on the short edge makes steno-book-style double-sided printing, and turning the option off will allow you to produce a single-sided print job.

We hope this change will save resources and also be more convenient to those users who prefer double-sided printing for most jobs.

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