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Carrel Sign Up Reminder

Remember to get your carrel!  Carrels are a great place to study between classes and you can check out books to them, so you may want to get one.  This week is your opportunity to sign up for one.  As we mentioned before 3Ls, SJDs, LLMs, and MCLs get the first chance to sign up on Tuesday, 2Ls on Wednesday, and 1Ls on Thursday.

You might want to explore the library a little to decide which carrel you want.  Some are tucked away in quieter areas, some will have all your friends nearby, some are by windows, and some have ports for wired internet connections.  Also, since two students are assigned to a carrel, if you have someone you think you would share well with the two of you might want to come sign up for your desired carrel together.

One last reminder–it is first come first serve.  So if you have already picked the perfect carrel you might want to be in line for it at 7:30.  And don’t forget to bring your student ID!

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