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Profile of a Database–HeinOnline

Many law students know that if they want a PDF copy of a journal or law review article HeinOnline is the place to go. Hein has an enormous collection of legal periodicals, all back to the very first issue, and all in their original forms. But there is much more to Hein than that.

Hein has all sorts of different resources available, including a wealth of government information, foreign materials like the English Reports, and most recently, Subject Compilations of State Laws, which is a collection of 50 state surveys. And they are constantly adding new material.

Hein is not always the best place to begin your research, as their searching tools are not the best, but it is an important database to remember. Also, since it is considerably cheaper than either West or Lexis, it is probably a good tool to remember when you actually enter practice. Take advantage of databases in law school when you can still used them for free–you might be surprised at what a bad search will cost you in the real world.

So go poke around HeinOnline. And for the interested, HeinOnline has been good about embracing web 2.0. They have a blog that offers a steady stream of announcements, search tips, and other useful information, a YouTube channel, and even a Facebook page.

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