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Bloggers with Power

Continuing our reflections on the nature of blogging itself, perhaps the most remarkable thing about this new medium is that it really does give power to people who would not otherwise have it. All you need is some information that hasn’t been presented yet. If you have ever read your local paper online you know that you often get more of the story if you look at the reader comments. Half the time someone who lived down the street from the story can flesh out the details. Blogs are the same thing–they allow people to be heard that otherwise would not have had the chance.

There are lots of examples of this.  When the reporter who broke the Megan Meier story refused to name names bloggers from all over quickly hunted down the name of the woman involved and splashed it all over the internet. More recently, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, a blog entry taking the U.S. Supreme Court to task for missing some precedent may cause the court to reconsider its decision. Bloggers are branching out into more traditional media–publishing books, appearing on television. A lot of news sources now turn to the blogosphere to gage public opinion.

It’s remarkable what a little information and a platform to share it on can do.

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