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Do You Blog?

There has been some debate recently about law student blogs. It started with a post on the Volokh Conspiracy about dwindling numbers of student bloggers, which sparked a lot of discussion. There are several reasons that law students don’t blog—they don’t have the time, or they graduate and move on, and of course the terrifying idea that saying the wrong thing could influence a future employer. Since then the issue has appeared in other places, including The Shark, and Legal Blog Watch, which suggest that maybe schools should offer services to encourage their students’ blogging.

Blogging is not easy. If you are going to be good it is pretty time consuming and requires a certain level of personal interest. You have to always have something to say, and you have to be very careful that what you say is not going to come back to haunt you. You need to be interesting, relevant, current, and appropriate—not an easy thing to pull off. At the same time, though, blogging can be a real boon. You can use it to keep your thoughts organized, and the very exercise of preparing them for publication forces you to refine them. The same future employers who might be shocked by a nasty remark can be impressed by a blog that shows perception and dedication.

So go ahead and blog—you can do yourself a lot of good—but it is worth it to give a blog the time and attention that it deserves. Remember that if you wouldn’t want to say it in an interview now, you certainly don’t want it to take you by surprise in an interview in a few years.

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