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Roman Polanski and the 30 Year Case

After living in France for 30 years, director Roman Polanski is finally looking to get his case resolved.  Polanski admitted to having sexual relations with a minor in 1977, served 42 days in prison, and fled the country when it looked as though he could expect more prison time.  Since that time, many have examined the trial; most recently a documentary on HBO “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired” suggested that the prosecutor and the judge were not entirely on the level.  This film may be in large part responsible for Polanski’s current attempt to get the matter resolved.  His attorneys are currently looking to get the case dismissed.  Polanski is walking a thin line though-if he comes into the United States he is likely to be arrested as a fugitive, but he may need to be present if the issue is ever to be fully resolved.  For more, check out articles from CNN and the Associated Press.

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