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U.S. Supreme Court Information

According to the term that the U.S. Supreme Court began this week will be a particularly interesting one.  That makes it an especially good time to be watching SCOTUSblog.  We’ve pushed this blog before, but it is such a good resource that it is worth mentioning again.  In addition to interesting legal information-for example Tuesday was the 206th anniversary of the Marbury v. Madison decision-SCOTUSblog will let you know when opinions are released, analyze recent cases, and include important documents like transcripts, opinions, briefs and motions.  It really is a source to be familiar with if you ever want to practice federal law.

The other site you want to make sure to hit when watching the Supreme Court is, of course, the Court’s own website. You can get the docket, oral arguments, briefs, case handling guides, and even job information. Take a look!

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