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Legal Abbreviations

Have you ever run across a citation to a legal document you want and found you did not know what the abbreviation stood for?  There are lots of good places you can go.  If you know that your citation is for a journal or law review you can head to either HeinOnline (the process is described here) or to the University of Washington’s list of Bluebook Abbreviations of Law Review Titles.  To add reporters and a few other publications to you list you might try the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations. Though Cardiff is based in the UK, the index includes many abbreviations from the U.S. and other jurisdictions.  Maybe the best tool, though, is Bieber’s Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations.  It contains the abbreviations for not only law reviews and reporters, but also treatises, loose-leaf services, simple acronyms and more.  It’s available on Lexis (file-name BIEBLA), but it’s even simpler to use in paper.  Look up your abbreviation, find the full name.  Look up a full name, find the abbreviation.  It is a wonderful source to have handy.

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