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The A.B.A. on Judicial Nominations

Traditionally the American Bar Association (A.B.A.) has had a chance to look over potential federal judicial nominations and offer an opinion before nominations are made public.  Former President Bush elected not to send his candidates through the process, but President Obama is again sending his nominations for review.  The reason for the change in policy is probably a question of the neutrality of the A.B.A.’s review group.  Various studies, including a fairly recent one, suggest that democratic candidates receive preferential treatment.  Some groups, however, argue that the approval of the A.B.A. is not a large enough sticking point to really disrupt the process.  Is the A.B.A. biased?  If it is, what effect does that have in the confirmation proceedings?  For more, look at articles in the National Law Journal and the New York Times.

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