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Legal Research Done Dirt Cheap

It’s nice to have Lexis and Westlaw while you are in law school, but in anticipation of your legal career, or even just your summer job it is not a bad idea to acquaint yourself with some of the more cost efficient alternatives.  There are many out there, but fortunately there is guidance.  There are a few good research guides to free and cheap internet legal resources.  You might want to look at the Georgetown guide, the one at the University of Washington (you can scroll past the Washington-specific materials if that isn’t your cup of tea) or Duke Law research guide.  These guides can point you to good databases, tell you about the cost (if there is any), let you know what kind of searching is allowed, and give you an idea of coverage.  It is never a bad idea to know where to get free things, and legal research can become quite expensive if you let it.  Cheap research not only makes your life easier, but it also looks good to people interested in hiring you.

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