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Yesterday we mentioned that you can check the status of your tax return on the Indiana government website, but you can, in fact, do so much more than that. is a great place to go for free Indiana legal research.  You can browse or search the Indiana Code or Administrative Code.  It makes it easy to track a bill, contact your legislator, grab a form you need, or brush up on the local court rules.  You can also look at various areas of law by topic.  All that and more is in the Law & Justice section-it gets even better when you look at their myriad other resources.  It is definitely a site that bears exploring. 

More than that, though, looking at state and federal government websites is a good practice in general.  Whatever state you are in, whatever area of law you practice, chances are excellent that the local state website has lots of good and (maybe more importantly) free information for you.  For example, one of the helpful things that the federal government website,, does is give you a list of links to the state government websites.  We’ve said it before-knowing your resources is key, especially for first and summer jobs.

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