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The New and Quasi-Improved Perry and the Masons

For what seems like the 87th consecutive year, the Law Library’s own Perry and the Masons returned to compete in the VITAL Quiz Bowl.  Sponsored by the Monroe County Public Library, the annual event raises funds to support the library’s adult literacy program.  While we have enjoyed a modicum of success over the years, we’ve never made it all the way. In fact, those in the local quiz bowl circle (it’s a very small group), refer to us as the “Best Team Who Never Won”.  Our record is intact.

After breezing through the first round, limping through a sudden death playoff in the second, comfortably succeeding in Round 3, we found ourselves in the quarterfinal round face-to-face with an immovable object in the form of four mild-mannered teachers from Bloomington High School North.  Watching our self-esteem wither and die before our eyes, we only managed a pitiful 30 points against their 120 (or whatever). In our meager defense, the Northside Story did eventually go on to win the championship.

On the bright side, Cindy Dabney joined the Masons this year and proved herself to be an outstanding competitor in her inaugural year.  (One of the original Masons, Dick Vaughan, decided to relinquish his buzzer and return to normal life).  Joining Cindy were the always-amazing Dave Lankford , Ralph Gaebler,  who came through for us in the sudden death overtime and our captain, Nonie Watt who provides moral support and an occasional answer.   Our alternate, Micah Van Hoff, faithfully stood by every night just in case one of us fainted from all the pressure.

Adding insult to injury, we have since learned that in addition to the 30 or so random people who watched us on public access television, our last match has been posted on YouTube.  Check us out!  We really did know all those answers; it’s just our buzzers didn’t work.  Honest.

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