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Know Your Resources!

We have mentioned this in the past, but we thought it was time to devote a whole entry to it, especially with new careers and summer jobs on the horizon.  One of the most important things that you can do, no matter what level your research skills are at, is familiarize yourself with the resources that are available to you. This was a theme in the Jumpstart classes, too, for those who attended them. The first think that you want to know, when you start your new job, is what you have to work with.  Do you have Lexis? Westlaw? Something else?  What kind of books are there on hand? Where is the nearest public law library?  Is there a company file of the forms they use most? What are the free online resources for your particular area of law?  It’s a good idea to find these things out early.  And if worse comes to worse, you can always call the reference desk here for help. 

With that in mind, have a wonderful summer!  The BLAWg may be slightly more sporadic this summer than it is during the school year, but we will still be bringing you the latest as it come up.

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