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Two Interesting Supreme Court Cases

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court dealt with a couple of controversial cases.  In the first, a West Virginia judge recently refused to disqualify himself on a case that involved a company which contributed a substantial sum of money to his election.  A 5-4 majority of the Court ruled that situation was extreme enough that recusal was required.  The minority argued that this decision will “erode public confidence in judicial impartiality.” The New York Times has the story. 

A case that is a little closer to home involves the purchase of Chrysler by Fiat.  Three Indiana groups are protesting the sale. At the moment the case is in limbo, Justice Ginsburg having merely stayed the case.  It is a tricky situation, though-the Indiana interests want time to present their case, but Chrysler argues that it is losing money so quickly that the deal may not go through if they wait too much longer.  Once again you can look at the New York Times, or recent SCOTUSblog entries cover both issues.

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