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New Laws for the New (Fiscal) Year

July 1st is the traditional effective date for most new laws in Indiana.  This year Gov. Daniels signed about 180 bills into law.  The law that has been getting the most press, of course, is the state budget, which was came so close to the deadline for passage that some people were worried that there would be a state government shutdown.  It did pass, late yesterday.  There are other interesting laws newly minted today, though.  One of the big ones that is that teenagers may now no longer use their cell phones while driving, unless it is an emergency call. Other laws address school discipline, protections for homeowners, identity theft, feticide, and puppy mills, among others.  You can get highlights of the new laws from the IndyStar, the Tristate Homepage, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, or Indiana’s News Center.  If you are feeling particularly ambitious you could head over to to look at their information on the new budget. Or just look at the IndyStar’s break down of biggest winners and losers.

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