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Morality and Politics

Everyone has their own place on the political spectrum, and we are all right.  But what are the factors that influence us to one side of the spectrum or the other?  Are there consistent differences between conservatives and liberals? is a website put together by five social psychologists to study the relationship between politics and morals.  There are numerous quizzes that test your values and opinions, and then compare your answers to other test takers-often by which political ideology they self-identify with.  Do you care more about fairness or loyalty?  Would you be more disgusted by watching an autopsy, or someone eat ice cream with ketchup?  What kind of sports do you prefer? Are you traditional or progressive when it comes to justice?  All these questions go in to giving you your political ideals.  The scientists set up the tests, hypothesize about the answers, and collect the data.  You will have to register, but it’s free, interesting, and helpful.  And you might be surprised what traits are identified with what politics, or to find that your ideas may not always be in line with the political party you expect.

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