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A Guide for OneLs–Books on Law School

With one week down for our summer starters, and many other new law students getting ready to come in the fall, we though that you might be looking for some good preparatory reading material.  Everyone had different ideas on the best books that you should read to get ready for your law school career, so we have a few different lists to consider. A few years ago the Volokh Conspiracy asked for readers to suggest the best books for people starting law school.  The list includes books that are intended for 1Ls, leisure books, and even some magazines. has a page devoted to pre-law books and branches out into pre-law movies. LawVibe has a top ten books list as well.  There are also multiple user lists on Amazon with good suggestions, like this one, this one, or this one.

There are lots of good resources out there for starting your law school career.  Take a look at the lists, pick a book or two, but also remember not to worry yourself too much.  There is a reason that Volokh contributors suggested fun books as well as serious ones.

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