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Who Owns Superman?

Superman is one of the oldest and most beloved of all superheroes.  Since 1938 he’s battled everyone from aliens to Nazis, an iconic American hero.  For many years, too, people have argues as to who owns the Superman copyright.  The original creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster have had on and off legal battles with D.C. Comics (called National Allied Publications when it was founded in 1934) since 1940.  Though they never reclaimed the rights in life, both died in the 90’s, Siegel’s family sought copyright termination in 1999.  In cases in 2008 and last week, the family won the rights to some of the earlier Superman materials, including the story of his origin.  If you’d like to know more about Superman and his origins, both on Planet Krypton and here on Earth, you can read the judicial opinion from last week, which includes both a history of Superman’s creation and publication, and the original Action Comics #1 which introduced Superman to the world.  Thanks to for giving us the story!

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