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Finding Newspapers

As many of the cite-checkers on our journals can attest to, it is not always easy to find old newspapers.  The Law Library has current issues, and maybe a week back for several papers, but older materials can be quite difficult to find.  Some papers keep wonderful archives—if you want the New York Times, for example, they have a nice archive on their own website—you can get from 1981 for free (not in PDF), from 1922-1980 in PDF for a price, and from 1851-1922 in PDF for free.  If you really need a PDF you may need to go looking through microfiche at the Wells Library, or it is possible that it is part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database. 

For really old materials, though, the Library of Congress has a website called “Chronicling America.”  The site includes information about US newspapers back to 1690, and PDFs of newspapers from select states from 1880-1922.  You may not often need a newspaper article from 1899, but even if you are not looking for a specific piece it is a very interesting website to browse.  Even the advertisements in these newspapers are a little slice of history.  Go take a look!

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