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Here’s an update from, Katrina Stierholz, Director of Library and Research Information Services at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, on what’s new in FRASER  (Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research).

Federal Banking Laws and Reports

  • A compilation of major Federal banking documents from 1780 to 1912. It includes founding documents for the Bank of North America (1781), ordinances for the First and Second Bank of the United States (1791, 1816) as well as reports and proceedings. It was published for the 50th anniversary of the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency in 1963.

Penn Central Failure and the Role of Financial Institutions

  • Five staff reports of the U.S. House Committee on Banking and Currency examine the collapse of the Penn Central Transportation Company, the single largest bankruptcy declaration in U.S. history at the time.

Operation of the National and Federal Reserve Banking Systems

  • A seven-part hearing from 1931, before a subcommittee of the Committee on Banking and Currency, U.S. Senate, to “inquire into the banking situation of the country.”  Hearing is pursuant to Senate Resolution 71: to make a complete survey of the administration of National and Federal Reserve banking systems.

Shadow Open Market Committee Policy Statements (1973-1997)

  • The Shadow Open Market Committee (SOMC), an independent organization with members from academic institutions and private organizations, was founded by Professors Karl Brunner of the University of Rochester and Allan Meltzer of Carnegie-Mellon.  Its first semi-annual meeting was held on September 14, 1973.  The objective was to evaluate the policy choices and actions of the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC).  Since 1973, the SOMC has met semi-annually to discuss economic policy.

Public Statements of Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman of the Board of Governors (1934-1948)

Public Statements of the Members of the Board of Governors.  Eccles (1948-1951)

Federal Reserve Bulletin, Now available from 1915-2003.

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