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President Obama Addresses Students

Today at noon the President will be broadcast into preK-12 schools across the nation to talk to students.  His remarks, released yesterday, will focus on the importance of making and meeting educational goals.  Assignment ideas accompanied the speech announcement, both for preK-6 and 7-12.  Since the talk was announced, there has been some controversy about it.  Some parents are concerned that it might be an attempt to politicize children.  An earlier version of the suggested activities included students writing a letter to themselves about how they could help the President, which upset many parents (the language has since been changed).  In the end, the decision of whether or not to show the speech is being left up to schools.  Some schools with show it, some will decline, some are taping it so that they can review it for content before showing it to their children.  What do you think?  If you are interested in more, you can check out the CNN article that includes speeches given by Presidents Regan and H.W. Bush to school children.  For a local view, you can look at the comments that accompany the articles in the Bloomington Herald-Times, both before and after the text of the speech was released.  And, of course, you can tune into the speech itself live at noon.

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