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Weight Loss and Workers’ Compensation

Indiana has been in legal news recently because of the case of Adam Childers, an overweight man who has requested weight-loss surgery as part of a workers’ compensation claim.  Childers, a chef in a pizzeria, was hit in the back with a freezer door a few years ago, and was advised by his doctor that before any surgery to correct the back injury could be effective, he would need to lose some weight.  The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the pizzeria should pay for both operations. This mirrors an Oregon case in which an employee needed weight loss surgery before a knee replacement would be effective. Some are worried that this trend will make employers less likely to hire people with weight problems. Others feel that extra medical requirements are part of the responsibility of any employer, and are not specific to overweight employees.  What do you think?  More can be found on, or at the Indiana Law Blog.

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