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A New Supreme Court Session

The U.S. Supreme Court began their new session yesterday, and so far Justice Sotomayor is living up to her reputation for tough questioning.  Interestingly enough, though, there is a lot of press that is not about the cases that the Court is hearing, but about the cases that it has declined to hear.  So far the Court has discussed attorney-client privilege in the Mohawk case, and the ability to question prisoners who have asked for counsel in the Shatzer case, but there is also some interest in the 2,000 odd cases that the Court is letting stand.  There are always a large number of cases that the Supreme Court is not able to hear, and this term it includes cases on students saying the Pledge of Allegiance, Choose Life license plates in Illinois, a death row inmate with developmental disabilities, and the release of documents concerning sexual abuse cases involving priests.  It is an interesting list, and SCOTUSblog has some of the highlights.  Are there any of these cases that you would have taken?

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