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Flu Information

Welcome back from break!  We hope that you had a nice one.  Now that you are back, and spending time in close company with many different people, you might be thinking about the flu, both seasonal and the H1N1 strain.  Trends in Google searches show that interest in the flu has been intense in Indiana and in the United States in general.  There are several good places to go for flu information, but the federal government’s website, , is probably one of the best.  It includes information on the flu itself, a little quiz to help you tell if you have the H1N1 flu, and also lots of information about flu vaccination.  It will also help you find a place to get your vaccinations.  The American Lung Association is keeping track of where to get seasonal vaccinations, and the Indiana State government website is the place to go to find out about H1N1.  Stay healthy this season!

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