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Egg Nog from the Supreme Court

A few years ago, the Green Bag sent subscribers a card with the following description and recipe. We reprint it in the spirit of the season –

Harlan Fiske Stone and his wife Agnes Harvey Stone hosted a new Year’s Eve reception every year (save one) that he served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice was a respectable oenophile, but he had no objections to egg nog in its season, and the Stones habitually attended several egg nog parties hosted by various government officials on December 31.

Preserved for posterity in the papers he deposited in the Library of Congress is what appears to be the Stone’s own egg no recipe. It is reprinted – without warranty – below. Harry Parker we have been unable to identify. One unconfirmed suggestion is that Parker may have been a messenger for Justice Felix Frankfurter. In any event, Chief Justice Stone was a great lover of good food and drink, as well as of the law. We are sure he would be pleased that his legacy includes the former as well as the latter.

Egg Nog – Harry Parker (by way of Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone)
12 eggs
1 gallon milk
Ground nutmeg
1 lb sugar
1 quart whiskey
½ pint brandy
1/8 pint rum

1) Separate egg yolks from whites
2) Cream yolks of eggs and sugar together
3) Add whiskey, brandy and rum. Beat well
4) Add milk, stir well
5) Add nutmeg to taste
6) Beat whites of eggs very light
7) Add the beaten whites of eggs and stir in well

Notes: If put in cold place will keep for 30 days. Never use all cream. Cream contains large percentage of fat. If made of all cream the egg nog will become rancid. Be sure to add whiskey, brandy and rum before adding milk.

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