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The Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

One of the most controversial cases ever, Roe v. Wade turns 37 today.  Unlike many other cases that were controversial in their time, Roe has remained a case of hot contention, and shows no sign of dying away.  Each new politician has to address it, and each change to the Supreme Court brings suggestions that it is about to be overturned.  Each year the anniversary is an opportunity for both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice rallies across the nation. The question is, is this an issue that can ever die down, or otherwise be agreed upon?  Unlike cases of similar renown, Brown v. Board of Education for one example, it is difficult to imagine a future in which one side or the other (we don’t pretend to know which) becomes more enlightened and changes its collective mind.  Do you think that abortion will ever stop being an issue?  Why so or why not?

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