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Casemaker X–Facebook for Law Schools

Casemaker is a legal database that gets its fees not from individual users but from state bar association members.  Once your state bar joins the consortium (for a fee, of course) all bar members get access to Casemaker.  The Indiana State Bar is a member.  However they are now trying to get lawyers hooked early, with their new product Casemaker X. It’s a legal social networking site–similar to Facebook, but with a more serious bent.  In theory you could find a job there, and obviously make contacts.  Maybe the most interesting thing, though, is that you get access to Casemaker.   And to Casemaker Medical. It’s always good to know your resources, and this is a nice way to get to play around for free.

Some of librarians here at IU already have accounts–if you do decide to join up please befriend us!  Check it out here.

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