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Faculty Publications

Ashley Ahlbrand
Assistant Librarian for Educational Technology and Adjunct Lecturer in Law
  1. Book Review. Epstein, Lee, et. al., The Behavior of Federal Judges: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of Rational Choice, 105 LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL 370 (2013). [HeinOnline]
  2. The "Social" Side of Libraries, 17 AALL SPECTRUM 12 (2013). [HeinOnline]
  3. Degree Pedigree: Assessing the Effect of Degree-Granting Institutions’ Ranks on Prospective Employment at Academic Law Libraries (with Michael Johnson), 104 LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL 553 (2012). [HeinOnline]
  4. "Free" Access to Government Information: How the Current Budget Crisis May Affect Government Publishing and Access to Government Information, 39 DOCUMENTS TO THE PEOPLE 26 (Winter 2011). [Journal Website]