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Faculty Publications

Bruce A. Markell
Professor of Law, 1990-1999
  1. Toward True and Plain Dealing: A Theory of Fraudulent Transfers Involving Unreasonably Small Capital, 21 INDIANA LAW REVIEW 469 (1988).

  2. Can the Cure Be Worse Than the Malady?:  Entz-White, Southeast and Post-Default Rates of Interest, 12 CALIFORNIA BUSINESS LAW NEWS 1 (1990).

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  5. The Supreme Court Report, 3 BANKRUPTCY BRIEFS Issue 1 (1993).
  6. Bankruptcy, Lenity, and the Statutory Intepretation of Cognate Civil and Criminal Statutes, 69 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 335 (1994). [HeinOnline]
  7. Conspiracy, Literalism, and Ennui at the Supreme Court: An Examination of Bankruptcy Cases Decided From 1990 to 1993, FEDERAL BAR NEWS & JOURNAL (March/April 1994).
  8. Bankruptcy Crimes, Chapter 7A in COLLIER ON BANKRUPTCY, vol. 1, 15th Ed. New York: Matthew Bender, 1995.

  9. Clueless on Classification: Toward Removing Artificial Limits on Chapter 11 Claim Classification, 11 BANKRUPTCY DEVELOPMENTS JOURNAL 1 (1995).

  10. Electronic "Newsgroups" Keep Discussions Going, 11 THE LAW TEACHER 12 (Spring 1995).
  11. Introduction: Report of the Debtor-Creditor Committee of the Indiana State Bar Association Reporting on and Recommending Adoption of the Indiana Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, 28 INDIANA LAW REVIEW 1195 (1995).
  12. Book Review. Digital Demons and Lost Lawyers, Katsh, E., Law in A Digital World, 48 FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS LAW JOURNAL 545 (1996).[HeinOnline]
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