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Faculty Publications

Jody Madeira
Professor of Law and Louis F. Niezer Faculty Fellow
  1. Sexual Function and Fertility Quality of Life in Women Using In Vitro Fertilization (with Nicole K. Smith and Heather R. Millard), 12 JOURNAL OF SEXUAL MEDICINE 985 (2015).
  2. Aborted Emotions: Regret, Relationality, and Regulation, 21 MICHIGAN JOURNAL OF GENDER & LAW 1 (2014). [HeinOnline]
  3. Clear and Ever-Present Dangers?: Redefining "Closure" in a Post-9-11 World in CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: A HAZARD TO A SUSTAINABLE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM? (L. Scherdin, Ed.). Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2014.
  4. I'm Still Left Here With the Pain: Exploring the Health Consequences of Homicide on Families and Friends (with J. M. Mastrocinque, et. al.), HOMICIDE STUDIES (June 2014). [PDF]
  5. The Visibly Offensive Offender: A Semiotic Phenomenology of an Execution in LAW, CULTURE AND VISUAL STUDIES (A. Wagner and R. K. Sherwin, Eds.). Dordrecht: Springer, 2014.
  6. Selling ART or Selling Out?: A Response to Selling ART: An Empirical Assessment of Advertising on Fertility Clinics' Websites, 88 Indiana Law Journal 1181 (2013).
  8. Woman Scorned?: Resurrecting Infertile Women's Decision-Making Autonomy, 71 MARYLAND LAW REVIEW 339 (2012). [HeinOnline]
  9. The Family Capital of Capital Families: Investigating Empathic Connections Between Jurors and Defendants' Families in Death Penalty Cases, 2011 MICHIGAN STATE LAW REVIEW 858 (2011). [HeinOnline]
  10. Conceivable Changes: Effectuating Infertile Couples' Emotional Ties to Frozen Embryos Through New Disposition Options, 79 UMKC LAW REVIEW 315 (2010). [HeinOnline]
  11. 'Why Rebottle the Genie?': Capitalizing on Closure in the Capital Punishment Context, 85 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 1477 (2010). [HeinOnline]

  12. When it's so Hard to Relate: Can the Legal System Mitigate the Trauma of Victim-Offender Relationships, 46 HOUSTON LAW REVIEW 401 (2009). [SSRN]

  13. Blood Relations: Collective Memory, Cultural Trauma, & the Prosecution & Execution of Timothy McVeigh, 45 STUDIES IN LAW, POLITICS & SOCIETY 75 (2008). [SSRN]

  14. Book Review. Beck, Elizabeth, et. al. In the Shadow of Death: Restorative Justice and Death Row Families, 10 PUNISHMENT & SOCIETY 482 (2008).[PDF]
  15. Book Review. Sharp, S. F., Hidden Victims: The Effects of the Death Penalty on Families of the Accused, 32 CRIMINAL JUSTICE REVIEW 80 (2007). [PDF]
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  17. Lashing Reason to the Mast: Understanding Judicial Constraints on Emotion in Personal Injury Litigation, 40 U.C. DAVIS LAW REVIEW 137 (2006). [HeinOnline]

  18. Recognizing Odysseus' Scar: Reconceptualizing Pain and its Empathic Role in Civil Adjudication, 34 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 41 (Fall 2006). [HeinOnline]

  19. Regarding Pained Sympathy and Sympathy Pains: Reason, Morality, and Empathy in the Civil Adjudication of Pain, 58 SOUTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW 415 (2006). [HeinOnline]

  20. A Constructed Peace: Narratives of Suture in the News Media, 19 CANADIAN JOURNAL OF LAW AND SOCIETY 93 (2004). [HeinOnline]

  21. Rebuilding the Closet: Bowers v. Hardwick, Lawrence v. Texas, and the Mismeasure of Homosexual Historiography, 8 RICHMOND JOURNAL OF LAW AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST 1 (2004).

  22. Law as a Reflection of Her/His-Story: Current Institutional Perceptions of, and Possibilities for, Protecting Transsexuals' Interests in Legal Determinations of Sex, 5 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 128 (2002). [HeinOnline]