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Faculty Publications

John Thomas Baker
Professor of Law, 1978-1991
  1. Constitutionality of Special Military Court-Martial Where Defense Counsel is Not a Lawyer (Recent Developments), 10 HOWARD LAW JOURNAL 114 (1964). [HeinOnline]

  2. Human Rights in South Africa, 11 HOWARD LAW JOURNAL 549 (1965). [ HeinOnline]

  3. Book Review.  Whither Black Capitalism, President's Advisory Council on Minority Business Enterprise, Minority Enterprise and Expanded Ownership: Blueprint for the 70s, 1 BUSINESS AND SOCIETY REVIEW 125 (1972).

  4. Black Lawyers and Corporate and Commercial Practice:  Some Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Movement, 18 HOWARD LAW JOURNAL 685 (1975). [HeinOnline]

  5. Black Businesses and Their Lawyers (with Jerome Davis), 8 NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL 53 (1976). [HeinOnline]

  6. Community Development Corporations:  A Legal Analysis, 13 VALPARAISO UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 33 (1978). [HeinOnline]

  7. General Considerations of Not-For-Profit Status, in NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATIONS.  Indianapolis:  Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, 1980.

  8. Regulation of Not-For-Profit Corporations in Indiana, 18 INDIANA LAW REVIEW 777 (1985). [HeinOnline]

  9. Patricia Roberts Harris, 29 HOWARD LAW JOURNAL 423 (1986). [HeinOnline]