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Faculty Publications

Paul Vories McNutt
Professor of Law, 1916-1933; Dean, 1925-1933
  1. The Duty of the State, in NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES, ADDRESSES AND PROCEEDINGS.  Washington, DC:  National Education Association, 1933.

The Constitutionality of the American Legion Plan to Perpetuate Peace (with Ralph O'Neil and C. Robbins), 7 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 405 (1932). [HeinOnline]

  1. INDIANA GENERAL CORPORTION LAW AND COMPANION ACTS, WITH EXPLANATORY NOTES (with F. E. Schortemeier).  Indianapolis:  Bobbs-Merrill Co., 1929.
  2. Report of Committee on Education, 4 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 76 (1928). [HeinOnline]

  3. A New Corporation Act, 3 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 223 (1927). [HeinOnline]

  4. Mandamus to Compel Corporations to Allow Inspection of Books, Action by Administratrix of Stockholder, 26 COLUMBIA LAW REVIEW 231 (1926). [HeinOnline]

  5. Stockholder's Right to Inspect Corporate Books and Records, 1 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 45 (1926). [HeinOnline]

  6. The Triumvirate of the Profession of the Law, 2 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 120 (1926). [HeinOnline]