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Faculty Publications

Robert Lewis Birmingham
Associate Professor of Law, 1967-1973
  1. Integration and Economic Development, 1965 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS LAW FORUM 781. [HeinOnline]

  2. Book Review.  Franck, T. (Ed.), Why Federations Fail:  An Inquiry Into the Requisites for Successful Federalism, 7 COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL LAW 362 (1968). [HeinOnline]

  3. Legal and Moral Duty in Game Theory:  Common Law Contract and Chinese Analogies, 18 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 99 (1968). [HeinOnline]

  4. The Consumer as King:  The Economics of Precarious Sovereignty, 20 CASE WESTERN RESERVE LAW REVIEW 354 (1969). [HeinOnline]

  5. Damage Measures and Economic Rationality:  The Geometry of Contract Law, 1969 DUKE LAW JOURNAL 49. [HeinOnline]

  6. Economic Integration in East Africa:  Distribution of Gains, 9 VIRGINIA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 408 (1969). [HeinOnline]

  7. The Growth of the Law:  Decision Theory and the Doctrine of Consideration, 55 ARCHIV FÜR RECHTS UND SOZIALPHILOSOPHIE 467 (1969).

  8. A Second Look at the Suez Canal Cases:  Excuses for Nonperformance of Contractual Obligations in the Light of Economic Theory, 20 HASTINGS LAW JOURNAL 1393 (1969). [HeinOnline]

  9. Breach of Contract, Damage Measures and Economic Efficiency, 24 RUTGERS LAW REVIEW 273 (1970). [HeinOnline]

  10. The Generality of Neutral Principles:  A Game-Theory Perspective, 58 CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 873 (1970). [HeinOnline]

  11. Legal Remedies for Overurbanization:  The Ghanaian Experience (with Carolyn S. Birmingham), 18 UCLA LAW REVIEW 252 (1970). [HeinOnline]

  12. A Model of Criminal Process:  Game Theory and Law, 56 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 57 (1970). [HeinOnline]

  13. The Theory of Economic Policy and the Law of Torts, 55 MINNESOTA LAW REVIEW 1 (1970). [HeinOnline]

  14. The Neutrality of Adherence to Precedent, 1971 DUKE LAW JOURNAL 541. [HeinOnline]