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Faculty Publications

Ryan Scott
Associate Professor of Law
  1. The Skeptic’s Guide to Information Sharing at Sentencing, 2013 UTAH LAW REVIEW (2013). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]

  2. How (Not) To Implement Cost as a Sentencing Factor, 24 FEDERAL SENTENCING REPORTER 172 (2012).

  3. Race Disparity Under Advisory Guidelines: Dueling Assessments and Potential Responses, 10 CRIMINOLOGY & PUBLIC POLICY 1129 (2011).

  4. Tribute to David Stras: Under the Microscope, 95 MINNESOTA LAW REVIEW HEADNOTES 134 (2011). [Journal Website]

  5. Inter-Judge Sentencing Disparity After Booker: A First Look, 63 STANFORD LAW REVIEW 1 (2010). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]

  6. The Effects of Booker on Inter-Judge Sentencing Disparity, 22 FEDERAL SENTENCING REPORTER 104 (2009).
  7. Navigating the New Politics of Judicial Appointments (with David R. Stras), 102 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW 1869 (2008). [PDF] [SSRN]

  8. An Empirical Analysis of Life Tenure: A Response to Professors Calabresi and Lindgren (with David R. Stras), 30 HARVARD JOURNAL OF LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY 791 (2007). [HeinOnline]

  9. Are Senior Judges Unconstitutional? (with David R. Stras), 92 CORNELL LAW REVIEW 453 (2007). [HeinOnline]

  10. Retaining Life Tenure: The Case for a “Golden Parachute” (with David R. Stras), 83 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW QUARTERLY 1397 (2006). [HeinOnline]

  11. Minimum Contacts, No Dog: Evaluating Personal Jurisdiction for Nonparty Discovery, 88 MINNESOTA LAW REVIEW 968 (2004).