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Faculty Publications

Victor D. Quintanilla
Associate Professor of Law
  1. Critical Race Empiricism: A New Means to Measure Civil Procedure, 3 UC IRVINE LAW REVIEW 187 (2013). [SSRN][HeinOnline]

  2. Judicial Mindsets: The Social Psychology of Implicit Theories and the Law, 90 NEBRASKA LAW REVIEW 611 (2012). [SSRN][HeinOnline]

  3. Beyond Common Sense: A Social Psychological Study of Iqbal's Effect on Claims of Race Discrimination, 17 MICHIGAN JOURNAL OF RACE & LAW 1 (2011). [SSRN][HeinOnline]

  4. (Mis)Judging Intent: The Fundamental Attribution Error In Federal Securities Law, 7 NEW YORK UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF LAW & BUSINESS 195 (2010). [SSRN][HeinOnline]