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Faculty Publications

Robert H. Heidt
Professor Emeritus of Law and Harry T. Ice Faculty Fellow
  1. Preparatory Negligence, 2012 WISCONSIN LAW REVIEW 787 (2012). [HeinOnline]
  2. Damned for Their Judgment: The Tort Liability of Standard Development Organizations, 45 WAKE FOREST LAW REVIEW 1227 (2010). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]
  3. The Unappreciated Importance, For Small Business Defendants, of the Duty to Settle, 62 MAINE LAW REVIEW 75 (2010). [HeinOnline]
  4. When Plaintiffs Are Premium Planners for Their Injuries: A Fresh Look at the Fireman’s Rule, 82 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 745 (2007). Reprinted in 57 DEFENSE LAW JOURNAL 121 (2008).

  5. The Avid Sportsman and the Scope for Self-Protection in Torts: When Exculpatory Clause Should Be Enforced, 38 UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND LAW REVIEW 381 (2004). Reprinted in 57 DEFENSE LAW JOURNAL 59 (2008).

  6. Maintaining Incentives for Bioprospecting: The Occasional Need for a Right to Lie, 13 BERKELEY TECHNOLOGY LAW JOURNAL 667 (1998). [HeinOnline] [Journal Website]

  7. Review Essay. On Game Theory and the Law (with Michael Alexeev, et al.), Baird et al., Game Theory and the Law, 31 LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW 613 (1997). Reprinted in GAME THEORY AND THE LAW (Eric B. Rasmusen, Ed.) Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2008.
  8. NONPRICE PREDATION UNDER SECTION 2 OF THE SHERMAN ACT (with others) [American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law, Monograph 18].  Chicago: American Bar Association, 1991.

  9. A Redrafted Section 1 of the Sherman Act, 66 NOTRE DAME LAW REVIEW 603 (1991). [HeinOnline]

  10. Populist and Economic v. Feudal: Approaches to Industry Self-Regulation in the United States and England, 34 MCGILL LAW JOURNAL 39 (1989). [HeinOnline]

  11. Recasting Behavior: An Essay for Beginning Law Students, 49 UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH LAW REVIEW 1065 (1988). [HeinOnline]

  12. Industry Self-Regulation and the Useless Concept “Group Boycott”, 39 VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW 1507 (1986). [HeinOnline]

  13. "Don’t Talk of Fairness": The Chicago School’s Approach Toward Disciplining Professional Athletes, 61 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 53 (1985). [HeinOnline]

  14. The Fifth Amendment Privilege and Documents—Cutting Fisher’s Tangled Line, 49 MISSOURI LAW REVIEW 439 (1984). [HeinOnline]

  15. Speculations on the Role of Context in Boycott Cases, 1990 BILL OF PARTICULARS 13  (Fall 1984).

  16. The Conjurer’s Circle: The Fifth Amendment Privilege in Civil Cases, 91 YALE LAW JOURNAL 1062 (1982). [HeinOnline]