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Faculty Information

Students confer with faculty at IU Law

While preparing for class or final exams students may have a need to contact an individual faculty member or view their course Web site. Students can also see what a faculty member has written through the Library’s Faculty Bibliography.


Faculty Services

Access to the Library

Faculty may enter the Law Library after hours through the Law School elevator. The Law School “SMAF” key will open the back side of the elevator on the first floor. Please direct any questions about access to fariss [at] indiana [dot] edu (Linda Fariss).

Acquisitions Requests

Requests to purchase materials for the Library should be sent to fariss [at] indiana [dot] edu (Linda Fariss ), buckley [at] indiana [dot] edu (Keith Buckley), or rvaughan [at] indiana [dot] edu (Dick Vaughan). Requests for documents published by the U.S. government should be sent to jlbryan [at] indiana [dot] edu (Jennifer Morgan).


The Library maintains a bibliography of publications for the current faculty. Please send the information on any new publications or corrections to lcdabney [at] indiana [dot] edu (Cindy Dabney).

Circulation Policies

Law faculty have an indefinite loan period for circulating books, but they may be recalled after two weeks. Material designated as "Circulate to Carrels Only" (such as bound journals) may be checked out but should be kept in your office. Unbound journals and advance sheets have a six-month renewable loan period. Material designated as "reference" ordinarily does not circulate but, if needed, may be taken for a short time by making arrangements with a reference librarian. Learn more about circulation policies.

Class Reserves

Material for courses can be placed on reserve by contacting rbertolo [at] indiana [dot] edu (Rebecca Bertoloni-Meli) in the Circulation Office. Articles, book chapters, and other materials will be made available through the electronic reserve system and only students enrolled in the course will have access. Books will be held on reserve at the circulation desk. These items ordinarily circulate for four hours. It is helpful to give the staff 24 hours before announcing that material is on reserve. Materials left on Friday might not be placed on reserve until Sunday. View E-Reserves.

Classroom Instruction

The reference librarians are available to provide instruction in the classroom on legal research sources and techniques. If you are interested in scheduling a research session for your class, please contact fariss [at] indiana [dot] edu (Linda Fariss) or any of the reference librarians.

Conference Rooms

There are several conference rooms located in the Library. These rooms vary in size and can accommodate between 4 and 12 people. Additionally, Room 206E can be reserved as a seminar room and holds 18 people. If you are interested in scheduling a class in 206E or a conference room, please contact rbertolo [at] indiana [dot] edu (Rebecca Bertoloni-Meli).

Courier Services

Law faculty may have materials delivered to their office from the Law Library or any other library on campus through the courier service. The courier will also pick up items from your office for return to any library. phacox [at] indiana [dot] edu (Ann Cox ) serves as the Faculty Courier, and routinely stops at all faculty offices. For courier service, call the Circulation Office (5-1748) or send an e-mailBL-LAW-CIRC. If preferred, faculty may also use the Request Delivery option through IUCAT.

Exam File

The Library maintains a permanent file of past exams for student use. The decision to include past exams in the file is up to the individual faculty member To make exams available, please provide one electronic copy and nine paper copies to rbertolo [at] indiana [dot] edu (Rebecca Bertoloni-Meli) in the circulation office. Questions about the exam file should be directed to rbertolo [at] indiana [dot] edu (Rebecca Bertoloni-Meli) or fariss [at] indiana [dot] edu (Linda Fariss). View Exam File.

Faculty Office Copies

The Faculty Office Copy Program was developed assist faculty in obtaining materials that, because of their heavy use or importance, are not available from the Law Library on long-term loan. The materials purchased through this program are added as duplicate copies to the Law Library collection, but are housed in the faculty member's office. Requests for office copies will be evaluated based on the Library’s budget and availability of the material. Faculty should direct requests or questions to rvaughan [at] indiana [dot] edu (Dick Vaughan) or fariss [at] indiana [dot] edu (Linda Fariss).


The Library subscribes a variety of legal and national newspapers. The most recent issues of these newspapers are located on the newspaper racks in the lobby of the Library. Some of these newspapers are placed on the newspaper rack in the Faculty Lounge after being removed from the lobby newspaper racks. Any problems with these newspapers should be reported to fariss [at] indiana [dot] edu (Linda Fariss).

Request Delivery Service

Faculty may request the delivery of items from other IU libraries directly through IUCAT’s Request Delivery option. Simply select Bloomington Law Library from the drop-down screen in IUCAT and the materials will be sent to the Law Library. The courier will deliver the items upon arrival to your office.

Research Services

The reference librarians are available to assist with the research needs of the faculty. A wide variety of research services are provided including locating materials, compiling bibliographies and legislative histories, and performing Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, or Internet searches. The reference staff is available to provide training to you in the use of electronic resources.