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Faculty Services

Research Services

The Library provides the following services to assist with research interests:

Acquisitions List

The monthly acquisitions list is available on the Library’s website and in a public file on the network. An e-mail message will be sent when it becomes available. To receive something from these lists, leave it for the Courier, and the items will be delivered.

Automatic routing of journals

To receive all issues of a specific periodical on a regular basis, contact rvaughan [at] indiana [dot] edu (Dick Vaughan) or a member of the reference staff, and these journals will be checked out and delivered as they arrive in the Library.

Current Awareness Service

The reference librarians will scan all new journals, books and documents as they arrive and, based on an interest profile compiled with each faculty member’s assistance, will route those materials to the faculty.

Electronic Clipping Services

Both Lexis and Westlaw, as well as other electronic publishers, provide the ability to set up an electronic clipping service to enable faculty to retrieve current items of interest automatically through email. For more information about this or for assistance in setting up an electronic clipping service, contact pahook [at] indiana [dot] edu (Peter Hook).

Lexis and Westlaw

Faculty may access both Lexis and Westlaw from their office. An individual password is needed for each system. Contact pahook [at] indiana [dot] edu (Peter Hook) for a password and for any individualized training or assistance you need.

Looseleaf Services

The Law Library subscribes to a large number of looseleaf services. The weekly highlights or digest portions of services can be copied and sent to you on a regular basis. Contact rvaughan [at] indiana [dot] edu (Dick Vaughan) for a list of services received.

Research Assistant Training Program

The reference librarians are available to discuss specific research needs or train research assistants in more advanced methods of legal research. Contact lcdabney [at] indiana [dot] edu (Cindy Dabney) to schedule a training session for your research assistant.


This subscription service provides automated personalized email delivery for segments of the Current Index to Legal Periodicals. Users of this service receive a weekly email informing them of new law review articles pertaining to subjects of their choosing. It is also possible to have the table of contents of individual issues of journals of your choosing sent to you via email as they are published. For more information about this service, contact pahook [at] indiana [dot] edu (Peter Hook).

Washington List

The Current Index to Legal Periodicals from the University of Washington (Washington List) is received electronically and placed in a public file on the network. As it is received, an e-mail message will be sent informing you of its availability. For assistance in using this service, please contact a member of the reference staff.