Green Book

Guide to the"GREEN BOOK" on Cd-rom
Overview of Federal Entitlement Programs

This CD-ROM provides a description of various entitlement programs as well as other major federal assistance programs. Included in this report are statistical tables, financial data, program requirements, participant information and the history of each program described. Appendices provide detailed background information related to these programs.

All or portions of each document may be searched by choosing one of the following methods:

Word expansion
Word proximities

Use boolean connectors to formulate your search request.

To Begin:

Press to create a search. Use the arrow, Home, End, Tab, and Shift-Tab keys to navigate through the Search screen. Enter your search request in the box provided.
"Enter" Initiates the search
"Escape" Stops a search

After search results have been retrieved and a document is being viewed, a "Sideways Search" may be initiated by pressing and highlighting a word or phrase in that document to be used as a further search request for other documents containing the same word or phrase.

Other options:

F1 For Help

F2 To Edit a Search

F4 Browse the Table of Contents

F5 Activates the Word Wheel at beginning of search which shows how many times each word occurs in the database. Searches may be cut and pasted from the terms listed. Also, used as "Sideways Search" device as mentioned above.

F6 Activates the Notepad and brings up Print menu. Use ALT-M to mark text to print a portion of a document.

F7 Search Options may be set such as limit of number of documents to search and word proximity

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