Statistical Abstract

Guide to the Statistical Abstract of the United States
on Cd-rom

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is the standard summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. It is designed to serve as a convenient source for statistical reference and as a guide to other statistical publications and sources. There are 35 broad topic categories ranging from population and education, to banking and communications. Each topic includes an introductory text which serves as a guide to other statistical publications.

In addition to CD-ROM format, Statistical Abstract is available in paper (since 1878) and on the Internet (covering 1995-present). Some data items that appear in the book format from private sources are not available on the Internet or CD-ROM versions because the copyright permission to release the data items was denied.

The CD-ROM is searchable using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.


Select the year to be searched (1994, 1995, 1996) from the opening screen. The opportunity to select the year to be searched is also possible at the end of the introductory text.

The Screen:

There are three components to the screen: the overview area in the left frame, the document area in the main window and the toolbar which spans the top margin of the document frames.

The Toolbar:

Select an action by clicking on the appropriate button/icon:

Click the Page Only button to view the document in a single window.
Click the Bookmarks and Page button to view the overview and document windows. "Bookmarks" is a term in Adobe Acrobat that refers to the content categories.
Click the Thumbnails and Page button to display small images of each document page in the overview window. Click on the "thumbnail" image to go to that page of the document.
Select the Hand button to move a document to within the document window. Use the Hand to "grab" the document page and drag as needed.
Select the Zoom buttons to magnify or reduce the page image.
Use the Select Text button to mark text that will be cut and pasted into a word-processing program.
Click the First Page or Last Page button to advance to the first or last page of a document.
Click the Previous Page or Next Page button to move through the document one page at a time.
Click the Go Back or Go Forward buttons to retrace your path used in searching.
Click the Actual Size button to display the document image at 100% of its actual size.
Click the Fit Page button to fit the whole document image within the document window.
Click the Fit Width button to make the width of the document image fit within the document window.
Use the Find tool to search for terms or phrases within a document. A box will appear in which the terms may be entered.

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