Proposed Law and Society Papers for LSA Annual Meeting

Montreal (May 2008)

See list of proposed panels here.


1.   Arthur Alderson (Indiana Sociology) & William Henderson (Indiana Law), “Geographic and Network Analysis of NLJ 250 and Am Law 200 Firms”


2.   Chris Arup (Monash Univ Business Law), “Global Legal Services: Combining Market Access with Regulatory Agreement?”


3.   Steve Boutcher (UC Irvine Sociology), "Elite Law Firms and Social Movements: A Relational Analysis of Large Firm Pro Bono"              


4.   Joan Brockman (Simon Fraser Univ.), “The Use of Undercover Agents by Law Societies to Gather Evidence Against Unuauthorized Practitioners: ‘Reprehensible Tactics and Outright Deception’”?


5.   Elizabeth Chambliss (New York Law School), “Three Takes on Law Firm Culture”


6.   Elizabeth Chambliss (New York Law School), “The Professionalization of Law Firm Management”


7.   John Conley (UNC Law), "The Role of Corporate Lawyers in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility"


8.   Ken Dau-Schmidt (Indiana Law), Marc Galanter (Wisconsin Law / LSE), Kaushik Mukhopadhaya (Emory Economics), & Kathleen Hull (Minnesota Sociology), “Gender and the Legal Profession: The Michigan Alumni Data Set 1967-2000"


9.   Stephen Daniels (ABF) & Joanne Martin (ABF), “It's the Law, Stupid! Damage Caps and Decreases in Medical Malpractice Filings"


10. Stephen Daniels (ABF) & Joanne Martin (ABF), "Law School Clinics as Legal Service Providers"


11. Ronit Dinowitzer (Toronto Sociology) & John Hagan (Northwestern Sociology / ABF), [Placeholder for paper on labor markets & job mobility]


12. Victor Fleischer (Illinois Law), “Regulatory Craftmanship”


13. Marc Galanter (Wisconsin Law / LSE) & William Henderson (Indiana Law), “The Elastic Tournament: A Second Transformation of the Big Law Firm”


14. William Gallagher (Golden Gate Law), “Strategic Patent Prosecution: Patent Lawyers, Their Clients, and Practice Before the USPTO”


15. Elizabeth Gorman (Virginia Sociology), "Law Firm Characteristics and Women and Minority Partners"


16. Richard Gruner (John Marshall Law), “Where the Action Is: Using Patent Attorney Practice Locations to Identify Regional centers of Commercially Significant Innovation”


17. William Henderson (Indiana Law) & Andrew Morriss (Illinois Law), “Explaining the Nexus Between Law School and Law Firm Labor Markets"


18. Fiona Kay (Queens Univ. Sociology), “Professional Monopolies and Divisive Practices in Law: Women Notaires and Avocates in Civil Law Canada”


19. Bert Kritzker (William Mitchell Law), “Lawyers in the News: How Do Lawyers Appear on Local Television News Broadcasts"?


20. Leslie Levin (Univ of Connecticut Law), “Pro Bono and Low Bono in the Solo and Small Firm Context”


21. Lynn Mather (SUNY Buffalo), [qualitative analysis of Community of Patent Lawyers]    


22. Richard Moorhead (Cardiff Law), "Specialisation - Quality vs Closure: Commencing the Incommensurable?"


23. Ashish, Nanda (Harvard Law) & Dan DiPietro (Citigroup Private Bank), “Drivers of Superior Law Firm Performance.”


24. Sara Parikh, Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, LLC, “Unpacking Incivility in the Legal Profession”


25. Christine E. Parker (Univ. of Melbourne Law), Robert Eli Rosen (Miami Law), & Vibeke Lehmann Nielsen (Univ. of Aarhus, Political Science), “The Two-faces of Clients and Lawyers: Demand and Supply-side Effects in the Market for Corporate Compliance Legal Services”


26. Bruce Price (Univ of San Francisco Law), “Stand Aside Ma’am, We’re Professionals: An Empirical Analysis of Changes in Lawyer Representation Post BAPCPA”


27. Mitt Regan (Georgetown Law), “Taxes and Death: The Rise and Demise of Jenkens & Gilchrist”


28. Tanina Rostain (New York Law School), "The Growth of in-House Legal Departments and Outside Legal Fees."


29. Rebecca L. Sandefur (Stanford Sociology), “Markets for Lawyers? Services as Sources of Pro Bono Lawyering”  


30. Richard Sander (UCLA Law), “The End of the Lawyer Boom"


31. Richard Sander (UCLA Law), “Class in American Legal Education"


32. Carole Silver (Northwestern Law) & Nicole DeBruin (Northwestern Law), "Variations on a Theme: Global Strategies of US Law Firms"


33. Carole Silver, "Graduate Legal Education as a Mechanism of Mobility"


34. John Steele (Fish & Richardson, P.C.), “‘Battle of the Forms’: How Biglaw and Corporate America Bargain over the Terms of Legal Engagements”


35. Joyce Sterling (Denver Law) & Bryant Garth (Southwestern Law / ABF), “Who are The Stars in Your Law Firm? ‘The most obvious to me is that they’re all white’”


36. Jerry Van Hoy (Toledo Sociology), "How the Culture of Risk Taking and the Practice of Risk Management Fit Together for Plaintiff's Personal Injury Lawyers"