2006 Law & Society Panels on the Legal Profession

1.   Analyzing the Career Trajectories of Lawyers

2.   Law Firms and Racial Diversity

3.   Comparative Strategies of Criminal Defense Lawyers

4.   Lawyers’ Adaption to Legal, Political and Economic Change

5.   Divergent Professional Identities of Lawyers

6.   Gender and the Legal Profession

7.   Evolution of the Large Law Firm I: Regulation and Growth

8.   Evolution of the Large Law Firm II: Facets of Firm Competition

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Panel 1: Analyzing the Career Trajectories of Lawyers

      Session # 14673, Thursday, July 6, 12:30pm - 2:15pm 

      Discussant:  Robert Rosen, Univ. of Miami Law 

“Urban Law School Graduates: Tracing the multiple pathways of early careers”

After the JD Project, Joyce Sterling (Denver Law), Ronit Dinovitzer (Toronto Sociology), Bryant Garth (Southwestern Law / ABF), Gita Wilder (NALP / Princeton Psychology); Robert Nelson (ABF / Northwestern Sociology), Terry Adams (Michigan Law)

“The Influence of Social Capital on Legal Careers”

Rachel Parkin, Harvard Business School (Ph.D. candidate)

“Careers of International Lawyers”

Carole Silver, NWU Law

“Principals in Practice: The Importance of Mentorship in the Early Stages of Career Development”

Fiona M. Kay, Queens Univ. Sociology

Panel 2: Law Firms and Racial Diversity

      Session # 14676, Saturday, July 8, 4:30pm - 6:15pm

      Discussant:  Ken Dau-Schmidt, Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington

“Diversity Among Elite American Law Firms: A Signal of Prestige and Firm Culture”

Laura Beny, Michigan Law

“Tales of Diversity: What Lawyers Say about Racial Equity in Private Firms”

      John Conley, University of North Carolina

 “The Racial Paradox of the Corporate Law Firm”

Richard Sander, UCLA Law

Panel 3: Comparative Strategies of the Criminal Defense Lawyer

      Session # 14674, Friday, July 7, 4:30pm - 6:15pm

      Discussant:  Tanina Rostain, New York Law School

“Protecting the Rights of Lawyers and Defendants: Recursive Changes in China's Criminal Procedure Law”

Terence Halliday, ABF & Sida Liu, Chicago Sociology (Ph.D. candidate)

“The Organization of International Criminal Defense”

Ron Levi, Univ. of Toronto Criminology & John Hagan, ABF

“Challenges and Coping Strategies in the Chinese Criminal Defense Bar”

Ethan Michelson, Indiana Sociology

Panel 4: Lawyers’ Adaptation to Legal, Political and Economic Change

      Session # 14675, Thursday, July 6, 10:15am - 12:00pm

      Discussant:  Carroll Seron, Univ. of California Irvine Sociology

“Daubert in the Law Office: Routinizing Procedural Change”

Herbert Kritzer, Wisc. Political Science & Law

“Cross-Border Dispute Resolution from the Perspective of Midsized Law Firms”

      Fabian Sosa, Univ. of Bremen Law

“Resurgent Professionalism, Anti-Globalisation and the Success of the Elite Local Law Firm”

John Flood, Westminster Law

“The Turbulent Evolution of the Plaintiffs' Bar: A Decade of Change”

Joanne Martin & Stephen Daniels, American Bar Foundation

Panel 5: Divergent Professional Identities of Lawyers

      Session # 14677, Friday, July 6, 12:30pm - 2:15pm

      Discussant:  Mary Nell Trautner, Univ. of Arizona Sociology

“What IS the Federalist Society? Legal Expertise and Ideological Production in the Legal Profession”

Laura Hatcher, Wisconsin Political Science

“The Making of a Plaintiffs' Lawyer”

Joanne Martin & Stephen Daniels, American Bar Foundation

“Resisting the Business Paradigm: Visions of Professionalism in Corporate and Tax Practice”

Tanina Rostain, New York Law School

”Researching and theorising the processes of professional identity formation”

Hilary Sommerlad, Leeds Univ. Law

Panel 6: Gender and the Legal Profession

      Session # 14678, Friday, July 7, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

      Discussant: Fiona Kay, Queen’s University Sociology

“Gender and the Legal Profession: Initial Results from the Michigan Alumni Data Set”

Ken Dau-Schmidt (IU Law), Marc Galanter (Wisc. Law / LSE), Paul Voss (Wisc. Sociology), Kathleen Hull (Minnesota Sociology), Kaushik Mukhopadhaya,

“Glass Ceilings in Large Law Firms”

Elizabeth Gorman, Virginia Sociology

“The Differential Valuation of Womens Work: A New Look at the Gender Gap in LawyersIncomes

Joyce Sterling (Denver Law), Ronit Dinovitzer (Toronto Sociology), Gita Wilder (NALP / Princeton Psychology), Nancy Reichman (Denver Sociology)

Panel 7: Evolution of the Large Law Firm I: Regulation and Growth

      Session # 14679, Saturday, July 8, 10:15am - 12:00pm

      Discussant:  Mitt Regan, Georgetown Law

“ALAS and Alack: The Role of Insurers in Regulating Large Law Firms”

Elizabeth Chambliss, New York Law School

“The Strategic Evolution of Large U.S. Law Firms: An Overview”

      Leonard Bierman, Texas A & M University School of Business

“The Changing Economic Geography of the Am Law 200"

      William D. Henderson, IU Law - Bloomington

Panel 8: Evolution of the Large Law Firm II: Facets of Firm Competition

      Session # 14680, Saturday, July 8, 4:30pm - 6:15pm

      Discussant:  Marc Galanter, Wisconsin Law / London School of Economics

“A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings In Menlo Park: An Organizational Analysis Of Increases In Associate Salaries”

Bruce Price, Denver Law

“Doing Well by Doing Good? The Relationship between Pro Bono and Law Firm Performance”

Ryon Lancaster, Chicago Sociology & Brian Uzzi, NWU Kellogg

“An Empirical Analysis of the Promotion to Partnership Tournament in the Am Law 200”

      William Henderson, IU Law - Bloomington

“The Social Costs of Ethical Rules”

      Larry Ribstein, Illinois College of Law