Leandra Lederman's Publications


  • Tax Controversies: Practice and Procedure (Carolina Academic Press) (with Stephen W. Mazza).
    • Fourth edition of Casebook, 2018.
      • Letter Update (current through July 1, 2018)
      • Teacher's Manual with updated answers to the problems, 2018. (If you are an instructor using the Tax Controversies casebook and would like a copy of the Teacher's Manual, please email me).
    • Third edition of Casebook and Teacher's Manual (LexisNexis), 2009.
      • 2016 Letter Update.
      • 2015 Supplement.
      • 2014 Supplement.
      • 2013 Supplement.
      • 2012 Supplement.
      • 2011 Supplement.
      • 2010 Letter Update and 2010 Teacher's Manual Update.
    • Second edition of Casebook and Teacher's Manual, 2002.
      • 2007 Letter Update.
      • 2006 Supplement.
      • 2005 Supplement.
      • 2004 Supplement.
    • First edition of Casebook and Teacher's Manual, 2000.
      • Supplement, 2001.
  • Understanding Corporate Taxation (Carolina Academic Press).
  • Tax Controversies: Statutes, Regulations and Other Materials (LexisNexis) (with Stephen W. Mazza).
    • 2013 edition.
    • Third edition, 2006.
    • Second edition, 2002.
    • First edition, 2000.
  • Federal Tax Practice and Procedure (LexisNexis, 2003) (General Editor and contributing author/editor).


Law Review Articles

Other Articles

Reports and Contributions

  • Tax Penalties as Instruments of Cooperative Tax Compliance Regimes, Thematic Report for the European Association of Tax Law Professors (Annual Congress Milan 2015), IBFD Amsterdam (2016)
  • Surcharges and Penalties in Tax Law: United States, National Report for the European Association of Tax Law Professors (Annual Congress Milan 2015), IBFD Amsterdam (2016) (with Stephen W. Mazza and Steve R. Johnson)
  • Entry in Careers in Tax Law (John Gamino, Robb Longman & Matt Sontag, Eds.) (ABA Tax Section, 2009)
  • Materials on tax teaching in Teaching the Law School Curriculum (Steve Friedland and Gerry Hess, Eds.) (Carolina Academic Press, 2004)
  • Five limericks on tax cases in Barbara Hauser, "Tax Case Limericks: A Casual Collection," 93 Tax Notes 865 (2001).

Amicus Briefs

  • Brief of Amici Curiae J. Richard Harvey, Leandra Lederman, Ruth Mason, Susan Morse, Stephen Shay & Bret Wells in Altera Corp. v. Commissioner, in Support of Respondent-Appellant Commissioner (brief filed July 1, 2016)
  • Brief of Amici Curiae Professor Patricia Cain, et al. in Support of Appellants, in the Ninth Circuit case of Voss v. Commissioner (brief filed Feb. 6, 2013) (One of 11 tax professors joining this brief)
  • Brief as Amica Curiae in Ballard v. Commissioner, 544 U.S. 40 (2005) (brief filed Aug. 2, 2004).