Welcome to the homepage for the sixth edition of Federal Public Land and Resources Law. This site contains information and web links to supplement the material contained in the book. It also reports updates on legal issues. This is a rapidly changing area of law, and the casebook coverage ends in the spring of 2007. New cases, regulations, statutes, and events will be posted on this site as they become available and relevant. Maps, photographs, and other information to better understand the on-the-ground aspects of the cases explored in the book are also an important part of what this web site offers. An occasional, supplemental problem is also posted to help test and practice material at hand. And readers may also find here links to key players in the disputes that the law seeks to resolve.

All readers of the book may click on the "Outline" button above to access the public materials on this web site. Click on a chapter to see the outline of the chapter sections. From there, readers may click on particular subjects from the table of contents to view supplemental materials. When a section or subsection contains an update representing a significant new development, this symbol Update appears to alert readers to the news. For casebook users seeking only updates since last offering/taking a class, there are now special buttons to select updates since a particular date.

The "Teachers' Resources" portion of this site is password protected and reserved for teachers who have adopted the casebook for a university course. It contains sample syllabi, exams, classroom exercises, "clicker" questions, PowerPoint presentations, and the teacher's manual.

The "Errata" button contains a list of errors in the text of the sixth edition of the casebook. If you spot a mistake in the sixth edition not on the errata list, please email the information here.