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Labor and Employment Law Society

The Indiana University Labor and Employment Law Society educates, supports, and organizes students of labor and employment law to ensure that a new generation of attorneys will be prepared to navigate the intricacies of the field on both the employer and employee side.


IU LELS seeks to educate law students about labor and employment issues that affect clients and lawyers alike. To this end the group organizes workshops, speaker events, and debates, in order to encourage dialogue on issues ranging from ERISA to Weingarten Rights.


IU LELS helps law students who are interested in practicing labor and employment law build networks, find internships, and access career resources. LELS keeps members informed about internship and networking opportunities in the field, and helps students find job opportunities that are not readily apparent through traditional channels.


IU LELS connects labor and employment law students at the Maurer School of Law through a variety of social events. The group also helps IU students meet labor and employment law students on a national level by raising funds to help students attend labor and employment law conferences.

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