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The Computer Requirement

The Law School requires that all students have a laptop computer. These pages describe the financial implications of your purchase and will help guide your selection if you don't have one.

Before you can gain access to computing services at IU, you will need to set up an IU account. If you’re an admitted student or IU employee, you can create your own account using the one-stop OneStart portal.

Why Is a Laptop Required?

Many courses use information technology not only for research, but also for teaching and classroom work.

  • Most exams are offered in electronic form.
  • The Law Building, like most of Indiana University, is equipped with wireless networking.
  • Every classroom seat is wired for power, as is every carrel in the Law Library.

Learn more about the type of laptop you'll need.

If you prefer to use a desktop computer in a lab setting, the Law Library has a computer lab, with full-time support staff, for the exclusive use of law students. The lab is equipped with high- capacity printers, and students have a generous annual printing allotment.

Free and Discounted Software

Your software shelf will be well-stocked at IU. The applications you'll need will be available free or at deep discounts at the IU bookstore. Learn more about the free and discounted software available for Indiana University students.

E-mail and File Storage

Student and faculty e-mail accounts have a generous 10GB of mailbox and ample space in OnCourse, IU’s online collaboration and learning environment, for storing work files. OnCourse is being replaced by Canvas as IU's online collaboration and learning environment. During the 2015 - 2016 academic year, some professors may use OnCourse but it will be retired in Summer 2016.

Learn more about OneStart and, a Web-based application portal that provides a common entry to all of IU’s online services.

Research Tools

Law students and faculty have free access to many Internet-based resources. You’ll probably start with fundamental legal research tools such as LexisNexis and Westlaw. Because learning to use those tools is so important, training in their use is integrated into the first-year legal research and writing curriculum. Many other databases are provided by our top-rated Law Library or the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.

IU Computing

University Information Technology Services supports the IU community by providing a high-speed campus network with wireless access, central Web hosting, an array of free and low-cost software, tools and support for instruction and research, free classes and seminars, and supercomputers for data analysis.

For direct support issues/requests contact:
Phone: (812) 855-9777