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Jackie Simmons
Current Position:
Partner and Practice Group Leader of the International Practice, Baker & Daniels LLP, Indianapolis, Indiana

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DONOR Spotlight

Repaying the Gift
Jackie Simmons, JD’79

Jackie Simmons can’t get enough of Indiana Law. She’s been a donor since she graduated in 1979, and she has also helped recruit students, judged Moot Court competitions, taught classes, and been actively involved with the Alumni Board and Board of Visitors. “I received a full tuition scholarship at a time in my life when I could not have gone to law school without financial aid,” she says. “In my family it was inconceivable to borrow money for law school. So I wanted to repay the gift by helping to make it possible for another student to attend law school.” And with her active involvement at the Law School and two of her children at IU, she says, “I’ve never had a chance to miss Bloomington!”

What she likes best about her career: “Variety! I honestly believe that my background [environmental law, in-house general counsel, and business manager] has made me a better lawyer. I understand what delights a client and what causes them concern. I love to help clients solve problems and I believe my background helps me uniquely get to the heart of the matter.”

The perks of marrying another law student: “My husband and I were in law school together and his strengths were definitely not mine, so I had a built-in tutor for income tax, corporate tax, and corporations!”

Memorable people: “I came back to the Law School in 2007 for the retirement party for the former director of admissions, Pat Clark, because she has been the one person who always got me to come back to the Law School even when I thought I was too busy! And I was always glad to do it. Pat’s very humanistic approach to Law School applicants as people rather than numbers was always a delight. And I am even more delighted to hear that she has come back out of retirement to serve the Law School again.”