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Sean Giambattista

Fairport, New York
Previous Education:
BS’06, economics, Brigham Young University

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At the Intersection of Law and Technology
Sean Giambattista, JD’10

With previous work experience in software development and a lifelong interest in computers, it’s no wonder Sean Giambattista is focusing on technology in law school. “I’m really interested in where law touches technology,” he says. “I believe helping to shape policy is at least as important as developing technological tools.” In fact, when researching law schools, Giambattista was in contact with Professor Fred Cate, a distinguished professor and director of the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana Law. The two exchanged e-mails and Cate asked Giambattista to stop by when he came to Bloomington. “So I did—and he was incredibly welcoming and nice.”

Why study groups matter: “About three or four of us get together three times a week in the Law Library. It’s great to discuss your understanding of the material with other smart students and see what they thought of the reading. People with different experiences look at things differently. Sometimes they have better ideas, and vice versa.”

Favorite class:Professor Craig Bradley’s criminal law course. He has good insights and doesn’t let non-answers slide—he’ll press students for more, but not in an adversarial way.”

It’s easy being green in Bloomington: “My wife and I just moved here from Utah, and we both think it’s nice to be somewhere where it’s green again. Utah has the mountains but it’s very arid and dry.”

How my scholarship is helping out: “My scholarship is helping me get through school with significantly less debt than I otherwise would have. I know I probably won’t have to work while I’m in law school. This is all good because I’m kind of anti-debt.”