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Nate Holton
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Previous Education:
BA’06, mechanical engineering and philosophy, University of Wisconsin—Madison

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Scholarship Recipients

Freedom to Pursue a Job He Will Love
Nathaniel Holton, JD’09

Nathaniel Holton chose Indiana Law so he could become qualified for a job he will love, not just the one that pays the most. And as the first recipient of the Gary W. McFarren Intellectual Property Scholarship, an award established in 2005 to benefit minority or female law students with backgrounds in hard sciences, he can pursue that goal. “It was a blessing,” he says. “The scholarship has given me financial freedom while I’m in school, so I don’t have to focus on finding a high-paying summer internship or job to pay off student loans. Instead, I can focus on finding the job I really want.”

Why I chose Indiana Law: “I accepted an invitation to Bloomington to see what the Law School was all about. IU has a warm atmosphere that took me in from the moment I arrived in Bloomington. I was impressed with the down-to-earth feel of the school. It was really important for me to be in an environment I was comfortable in, and Indiana was able to provide that.”  

Life in Bloomington: “Bloomington is a great college town. There is a lot to do and the people are welcoming. The campus is absolutely gorgeous, and the housing here is reasonably priced.”

Friendships at Indiana Law: “There is a wide array of personalities in the class, which adds a lot to the classroom and to my learning experience. I’ve developed a set of friends that I’ll be close to for the rest of my life.”

Camaraderie: “Every law student is eager to prove himself, but the sense of competition here is minor. Instead, there’s more of a sense of bonding, especially in the first year.”

How I’ve changed: “It’s a ton of work and there is certainly stress related to going through law school exams for the first time. But the adjustment in thinking that happens in the first year of law school was seamless and subtle. I didn’t even realize how much my thinking had changed until the first semester was over.”