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Shannon Mason
Hughson, California
Previous Education:
BA’06, liberal studies with a concentration in biology, California State University—Stanislaus

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Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Paves Way to Dream Job
Shannon Mason, JD’10

Thanks to a full-ride scholarship, Shannon Mason can move right into her dream job after graduation without having to worry about paying back her law school debt. “My ultimate goal is to give back to the community, and particularly to provide assistance to individuals of disadvantaged socioeconomic status,” says Mason. “After passing the bar I plan to gain experience in the public sector. Later in life, I’d like to own a small law practice and do pro bono work as well.” Right now, she’s readjusting to academic life after two years spent working as a registered respiratory therapist in her native California.

Why Indiana law? “Indiana Law stood out from the other law schools. I was especially impressed with Indiana Law’s friendly admissions staff, the Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic and Elder Law Clinic, and the outstanding scholarship opportunities.”

Getting face time with faculty: “I receive a scholarship that pays for my entire tuition, plus a $3,000 stipend to work as a research assistant with a professor in an area of common interest. Also, I will be able to immediately start working in the public sector upon graduation.”

Justice was served: “Through the Indiana Law Alumni Shadow Program, I had the opportunity to sit with the defense counsel throughout an entire murder trial in Evansville, Indiana. The second chair in the case was an Indiana Law graduate. It was an amazing experience being with the defense team when the verdict was delivered and knowing that justice was served.”

Pro bono prison work: “I am an active member of the Inmate Legal Assistant Project. As a member of the team, I correspond via mail with inmates who represent themselves. I provide answers to legal questions and relevant case law.”